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3 inspirational dots that changed the world.

The video at the bottom of the post is definitely a great source of inspiration. It is probably familiar to most of you.

However, if you haven’t watched it, do it now. If you listen carefully you have the opportunity to learn many things about the life of one of the greatest entrepreneurs ever – Steve Jobs, and to use it as a corrective in your own journey.

This speech is one of the most valuable inspirational speeches ever. No doubts. He not only speaks about the life, but how we all must persuade our dreams.

Anyway, the video is all about 3 stories  – “No big deal”.


  • Connecting the dots

  • Love and loss

  • Death


I’m not going to explain the content of the video in details. You will agree that that’s not inspiration at all. You have to watch it and get the essence for yourself.

It is good to watch this video once in a while just to remind you that there is no need to waste time staying at home and doing nothing (watching TV). Instead, it would be far more interesting and valuable to create new things, explore new opportunities and add new dots to the “blank”. We live in an abundant World. Everything is possible. It’s never been so easy to live your dreams.

However, the third part is very important for everyone who wants to become a GP of Blank “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right”. That’s what we all have to ask ourselves on a daily basis.

Nothing is more important than time. Once you understand that, you will never be the same again.

Here’s the video that is a great source of inspiration for our generation. It’s called “How to live before you die”.



Write a comment what would you do if today was the last day of your existence?

See you next time.

Take Care of your Journey!


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