6 Inspirational Quotes from Albert Einstein

6 Inspirational Quotes from Einstein

If you are in the mood for inspirational quotes, you should definitely check these 6 Inspirational Quotes from Albert Einstein.

I doubt that there is a man (/woman) who hasn’t heard at least once his name. Probably many of you guys are familiar with his life, but let me share with you what impresses me most about the Father of quantum theory.

It seems to me (not only to me obviously) that it’s the curiosity what “forged” him, he always asked himself questions. It turns out that this is a typical routine for a genius. That’s what they do. They do care about what’s going on and most importantly how.

Einstein was born in to a mid-class German Jewish family according to this brief autobiography (American Institute of Physics), but does it matter? He managed to do many discoveries and to contribute to the World in his own way.

According to my opinion there are 3 keywords that are perfectly describing his live – curiosity, contribution and persistence (never give up)!

Here are 6 of the most impressive inspirational quotes from Albert Einstein in my opinion. They always make me feel that there is something more to explore, there is something more to discover, …something more to be revealed in this World. They are great source of motivation and inspiration. Also, they are prescribed to every one who calls him/herself a leader.


Never lose a holy curiosity.

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This man will remain in the history as one of the best minds ever existed. It would be great if we mentioned his name more often.


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