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100 billion neurons in the brain? Who says that?

Have you ever thought about how many “neurons in the brain” you can count on? 10b, 50b, 100b… I “accidentally asked myself this question”, did a bit research on this particular topic and here’s what I found…


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Wikipedia world

1. According to Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia the human brain actually has about 100 billion neurons. This number, Wiki says, varies from species to species (whatever that means). Of course Wikipedia is a source that I can trust anytime. But what if Wiki is wrong…?

I decided to check some other sources of information (just in case).


Wills Memorial Building - University of Bristol
University of Bristol (part of it – Wills Memorial Building)

2. According to Bristol University

According to Bristol University – the fundamentals of neuroscience, an average human brain contains about 100, 000 neurons, which is basically what Wiki says. My “journey” continued and finally I found that there is another thesis, which is a bit different from the previous two. (I knew that 100b is “too much” even for a GPOB).




Picture of Suzana Herculano
Suzana Herculano

3. Suzana Herculano’s theory on “neurons in the brain”

As you might know I adore watching TED Talks and what I found there was absolutely amazing (as always).

A neuroscientist, called Suzana Herculano-Houzel, has discovered a new method to count the neurons in our brains, simply by making a soup out of them (Brain soup?#?!… strange, isn’t it?).  In spite of the fact that our brain weights 1.5 kg (an average brain), it is the “smartest” one known so far. But how?

Suzana Herculano says that we have less than 100b neurons in the brain, and even though we are still smart enough to make studies of other brains. She also says that we are all primates (…even Darwin). But if we ate like primates, we wouldn’t be at the level we are now.

Watch the video below and you’ll be amazed of how she “thinks different” and what makes her think that everything, in terms of our brains, relies on cooking. Is cooking something that makes us humans? Is she the one who rediscovers “100b neurons Myth”? This discovery worths spreading. Watch and enjoy.


Here’s the TED speech of Suzana Herculano: What is so special about the human brain?


Whether that’s true or not, you will decide, will share and add a comment below (hopefully). It would be interesting if you share some insights on this topic.

See you next time and…

Take Care of your Journey!


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