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Digital World – a World of confusion (+Video)

Digital World?

The video below reminded me of the moment when I met my fiancee for the first time. It reminded me of one of the aspects of being human – the need of social connections (live).

The technology is great! I love it. But very often when we use it, we kind of… waste time and trying to impress someone else, instead of using it for good (on purpose). And I bet you know that your time is limited. Mine too. That’s why as a GP of our own BLANKs, we, I believe, should value time a bit more. Sometimes our temperature is getting high and we are beginning to value  a way too much the materialistic things (technology in this case) and forget to value the time spent with the people around us – family, friends. They are the ones that in many cases make us feel good.

As you will see in the video, there is a part where if the guy hadn’t turned his phone off, he wouldn’t have met the love of his life. That part, I won’t hide, made me shed a tear. It’s not something that happens often (a couple times a year), but this video is touching. You should see it.


Why the Digital World we live in now is so confusing?

It’s confusing because of one reason… Distractions. There are too many distractions everywhere around us. Not to mention that there are too many distractions in our selves too (GPOB Ebola). You all know what I am talking about. You can’t start something and finish it, without starting at least 2-3 other things… and then 3-4 other ones. I recently saw a post written by Leo Babauta about Multitasking and Singletasking, you can find it here. He says that he’s had it from multitasking. That’s how we get to not having time once again… especially for our closest people. And then we ask out selves “Why we are so alone?”.



Technology is great, especially when we do use it to express ourselves and to contribute to the World, but we all should find time for our loved ones and even for ourselves. It might be only a little while, but they will appreciate it, i am sure. It’s not impossible to do it, is it?


Share what is your opinion about the “Digital World” in the comment section.


Link to the video: “Look Up” by Gary Turk. “Look up from your phone. Shut down that display. Live life the real way.”


See you next time.

Take Care of your Journey!

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