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I thought that creating this page, called "Doc's Bag" (Resources), would be beneficial to you because you'll get insights about what I've created and "tasted" so far.

I deeply believe that if you are interested in the topics of the Website (Inspiration, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship and Success, you will find this page helpful.

You can always come to this page for your "medical needs". You will notice that I'll reference this page quite often in my posts, therefore I recommend bookmarking it for your own refer

Resources by me so far

This is my first book. It's all about a mind tool that you can use in your journey. According to the reviews, it seems to have helped a lot of people. It's FREE. Download your copy now.


This course is all about your heart. All about what matters to you. Finding your purpose of life. It helps you realise that you are on a Journey and empathize how to take care of your own journey! A must for everyone who feels lost in life. It's FREE. Download your copy now.

  I am working on

  • Mastering Blanking - The Process.

  • GP of  BLANK - My Budget - 3 months Challenge (free). (Coming in late 2016 - in process of testing)

Below you'll find some useful links (affiliate) on products that I have "tasted', I am familiar with and know they work. In other words - prescribed stuff from GPOB to GPOBs.

Disclosure: I'll never directly tell you to buy something just because of the small commission i will make out of it. Instead, I will tell you how that product/service helped me achieve something and why it is worth buying. Also the following products are not at additional cost to you.

Prescribed Stuff

I've been using this hosting for all my projects and IMO that's one of the best hosting providers out there. The support is awesome. Also, you can always rely on the LiveChat, especially if you are not a "coder". Highly recommended. Moreover, you've got "Anytime Money-Back Guarantee" (extra peace of mind). And that's not all... It is cheap and it offers 1-click installs. The best option to create an online presence. Watch my Video How to Start your first Blog in less than 3 mins.

InstaBuilder 2.0 is the best alternative to LeadPages and InstaPage. Especially if you are on a budget. It's affordable and reliable. It takes a bit of time and patience to learn how to use but once mastered it does the job pretty well. (link to purchase - affiliate).

ConvertKit is the most valuable resource when it's about making a system. It allowed me to segment my audience as no Email Service Provider could. It shows you all stats in an unique and very helpful way. It’s very handy tool. A Must have for every one that consider him/herself for a professional blogger. After all That’s their message “From professional bloggers for professional bloggers”. It is a no-brainer

Top Books


Tony is doing great work. I am a huge fan of his creations. In this book he goes through the basics. I could write a lot about this book, but you'd better read it yourself. In short - It's all about taking control of your life.

This book "sparkled me on". It definitely had an impact on my life. That's how everything began. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to be a GP of BLANK. Just don't focus too much on the  money.

This book is one of my favourite ones. In one word, it's all about Art. Being unique, indispensable.

More Books? Check out the DOC's Library

There you can find Free and Paid books related to Personal Development. It's all about growing. Check it out.



Having any IT Issues?


How to fix my Computer? Why is my computer so slow? Join your host - GPOB Elvis M and fix your PC/Server/Switch/Router... Life. FIX IT YOURSELF.



Take Care of your Journey!

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