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How these 7 psychological colour meanings affect you (tricks)?

Psychological colour meanings? Tricks? What does all this mean? How it affects you in terms of being a business owner, a prospect entrepreneur, a website designer/owner or just a normal guy (or girl)?…

In this post I am going to “talk” about 7 colours – Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Brown and what their meanings actually are according to psychology of colours.

Important notice: there are differences between colour meanings in business, colour meanings used on the web (web colours) , and basic colour meanings (basic colours). That’s why I am going to “talk” about all three of them.


Shall we?… (I will keep it short and straight to the point)


Black Tie image
Black tie

1. Black

Black, as a colour used in business, is considered to be the colour of authority, control, power, sophistication, elegance, and mystery.

As a web colour it represents luxury and adds value, according to kissmetrics.

And as a basic colour it means something to be hidden from the world, secret. Absence of light, negative colour, even death (in some cultures). It is favorite to most teenagers. Anyway, think twice before choosing this colour as your favorite.


Lovely Red Rose image
“Lovely” red rose

2. Red

As a colour used in business red symbolizes masculine energy and action to be taken. It is also a royal colour (as you might have noticed if you live in the UK).

As a web colour it is attention-getting colour.

And as a basic colour it means energy, passion, action and strength… ah, and of course Love.



Blue Cockerel - London
Hanh/Cock by Katharina Fritsch

3. Blue

As a colour used in business blue means honesty, trust and dependability.

As a web colour it means honesty and trustworthiness.

As a basic colour it means trust, loyalty, peace, integrity and in some cases conservatism.



Green leaf image
Green leaf

4. Green

There are no doubts that the colour green is mostly used by businesses that are nature-oriented. But instead of this, it can be seen on businesses that are somehow related with health and healing as well.

As a web colour, except that represents nature, it can also mean a balance. I’ve recently noticed that many website owners use green for their call-to-action buttons, especially with Von Restorff effect.

As a basic colour it symbolizes growth and balance.


Yellow sign - Nerd Crossing image
Nerd crossing

5. Yellow

Yellow has always been considered as attention.

In terms of business, yellow means analytical processes and it can also help with mental clarity assistance.

As a web colour it communicates fun and attention at the same time.

As a basic colour it means optimistic, cheerful, fun.


Lamborghini Gallardo photo
Lamborghini Gallardo

6. Orange

Orange is used in adventure-orientated businesses. In fact many sport teams use it as well. I am using it sometimes on my email-subscription forms, because being a GP of Blank is sort of adventure (a big one). If you want to hit the road of being a GP of your own Blank, check this out (some resources)

As a web colour – the same – adventurous colour.

As basic colour – warm (optimistic), happiness, encourages social communication and it is both physically and mentally stimulating, therefore it gets people thinking and talking (and eventually sharing).


Brown leather image
Brown leather


7. Brown

Let’s take a look at what colours make brown? Actually there is 6 ways to make brown from primary colours.

Anyway, brown in business means comfort, down-to-earth products and possibly outdoor products.

As a web colour it means friendliness, comfort and dependability.

As a basic colour, brown symbolize friendly, approachable, genuine, sincere and honest.


Why tricks?

Because big companies like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Google and many others, have been using these meanings for years (if not ages) in order to “hit you” at the right time with the right colour, so you start liking and buying from them without even using your consciousness. These tricks are just a small bit of their “first aid kit”, especially when it is about marketing.

This post is just a small piece of colour psychology and definitely there are more meanings and theories.


Let me know what you think about all that colour stuff and which colour is your favorite? (sharing would be also appreciated)

See you next time.

Take Care of your Journey!


1. Photo by comedy_nose

2. Photo by ozz13x

3. Photo by Glyn Lowe Photoworks.

4. Photo by mpardo.photo

5. Photo by jparise

6. Photo by Axion23

7. Photo by Hector Garcia

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