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How to sell your soul to the World.

In this post I am going to give you a short description of how to sell your soul to the World and why you should start doing it right now (the sooner, the better).

Ok, let’s begin with how I am selling my soul to the World and is that something to be scared of nowadays.

As you probably know I created this website to share what I’ve learned so far and to help other guys (like you), no matter what age they are at, to design their lifestyle and connect the dots on their own BLANKS. If you are not familiar with the idea, you’d better check my about page.

That’s how I sell my soul to the World every day. Not only through Internet but in the real life as well. I reached the next level and now I simply give as I grow (I am doing it even now).

This is my message to you too. Give as you grow. The time has come (as Joe Simonetta says). Don’t be selfish. The more you give, the better you will feel and the healthier the World will be.

In order to give, you’ll say, don’t I have to take first? That’s absoGPlutely true. That’s why Internet (the Farmacy), bookstores and libraries were invented for – to take. Take all the information medicines you want, taste them, assess them and come up with something improved or why not with something completely new.

Even my website can help you by providing a great deal of quality “information pills”. In case you want to get into my pill-feeder and receive cool “information pills” every Wednesday, do it now by clicking here.

Can you imagine what would the probable outcome be like if we shared all the valuable information through Internet and use it to help each other? I can! And believe me, you can too. The only think you need to know is that you have all that is needed. Your story is a piece of advice for someone else like you.

Now at the end of this post I challenge you! Sell your soul to the World.


I would like to hear from you in the comment section. What do you think of all these thoughts and are you willing to Sell?

See you next time.

Take Care of your Journey!

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He is a Founder of GP OF BLANK and DOC's Library - sites about Inspiration, Personal Development and Entrepreneurship. He has dedicated his life to helping people live lives that matter. He is a Personal Development Pioneer, GP of his own BLANK and Creator of methods and e-Books that are highly appreciated by society. Life-Motto: It's possible! ...not a real doctor...

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