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[INFOGRAPHIC] I have no motivation – 3 Extremely Contagious Motivation Diseases

I have no motivation?!

If “i have no motivation” statement is bothering you, you’d better read that post till its very end. There are many viruses that can infect your motivation. They could lead to dangerous motivation diseases. No matter what age you are at and what your goals are. In this post I am going to “examine” 3 of the most dangerous diseases or as it’s trendy to say nowadays “motivation disease”. By the end of the post you will have learned what are the most dangerous viruses/diseases related with your motivation and how to deal with them in no time. Let’s take a closer look.

Note: this post is a part of the ebook “GPOB Success Thermometer” and if I had to express it with an image, it would be this one:

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Infographic of GPOB Success Thermometer and all GPOB (motivation) Diseases

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Influenza of motivation - GPOB
Influenza virus

3. Motivation disease – GPOB Influenza (High, Balanced and Low Success Temperature)

Influenza of motivation infects you in terms of listening and taking action based on what others are saying (external source of influence). Others have influence on you and your behaviour. As you probably know…



 You are the average of  the five people you spend the most time with

You can’t get motivated and focus on your BLANK if you listen to what others say all the time. Even your family might think that you are not what you think you are, but that’s the role of family – to “support” you. Sometimes you can get motivated, but not always. This virus is in the air. It is extremely spreadable, especially after the Facebook revolution. It depends not on how often and who you meet (chat) in your day-to-day life, but who you “listen” to. It’s more like an external influence. More like suggestions. You choose whether to allow others define your inner self.

There are 3 possible outcomes of listening to others:

  • they can make your temperature LOW – bad.
  • they can make your temperature HIGH – bad.
  • or they can reinforce your beliefs and boost your self-improvement by inspiring you – BALANCED temperature – good.

For more info on #SuccessTemperature, get my ebook “GPOB Success Thermometer


  • You have to do X, Y, Z.
  • You have to be X, Y, Z.
  • … you get the point



Simple and effective – Always know who you are, what you do “read” as true and how that affects your journey.


HIV of motivation - GPOB
HIV virus

2. Motivation Virus – GPOB HIV (Low Success Temperature)

You have heard of HIV, haven’t you? Of course, you know what HIV is, but how it is related with motivation, you might ask?

HIV of motivation infects you in terms of fear of failure. This is fairly light stage of letting your lizard brain to control you. Once infected, you will always be concerned about “what is going to happen if I fail?”. It is definitely true that if you fail at something many people will start pointing the finger at you and you won’t feel good. But don’t ever forget that a lot of people have been through HIV of motivation and they are now even better than before (one step closer). It’s not a big deal. Everything is in your head. Don’t let the fear of failure affects your thoughts. Yes, I mean it… never let this happen.

That’s how to become a GP of your Blank. The more failures, the more experience and the wider point of view. That’s how you should adjust your way. Your journey is not a straight line route. The more skulks, the better. Failure is always a feedback nothing more. Keep the #hustle on.



  • What if I fail?
  • What if they laugh at me?
  • They will point the finger at me… avoid me…
  • Am I going to make it?



The ultimate treatment for this disease is to do what you love. You will stop thinking about failure at all.


motivation disease - AIDS

1. Motivation disease – GPOB AIDS (Low Success Temperature)

I called it the AIDS of motivation because this one is the most dangerous motivation disease in terms of accomplishing your goals and living a worthwhile life, in this regard – being a GP of your own Blank.

AIDS of motivation infects your inner thoughts. This is what I call “to be eaten from the inside out”. It is very powerful one. This is the resistance inside you. The negative thinking. Your Amygdala. It’s when HIV evolves in AIDS or in other (GPOB) words when you let the fear of failure to drag you down for long enough, then GPOB AIDS comes, which means that it’s a bit harder to deal with it. It has already formed negative beliefs. And note, that might happen for a day.

If GPOB Influenza was to be influenced by people around you (external), GPOB AIDS is all about being influenced by your inner thoughts, by your Lizard Brain. Your inner thoughts on their turn start influencing your behaviour in a negative way.

You have the motivation disease GPOB AIDS when you allow your Lizard Brain to take advantage over your Consciousness (in many cases this happens without you even noticing). Your Amygdala is responsible for Fear, Anxiety and Negativity.

It can evolve and take the lead and then… you turn out to be contaminated in the RAT RACE, which is bad. In this regards:


GPOB Elvis

Because if you manage not to get contaminated for a long enough period of time, you will not be in the Rat Race anymore. You will get out of it. But keep in mind that even if you are not in the Rat Race, you still can experience the I have no motivation syndrom.


  • You shouldn’t improve!
  • You’d better keep quiet.
  • You shouldn’t go at this web/seminar.
  • You are just fine in the way you are now.
  • Why not to play a video game instead?
  • This is something new, don’t do it!
  • Why not procrastinate for 5 years?



As you know Ebola is quite a new disease and its treatment is a bit complicated to explain. However, in terms of motivation diseases, there is a treatment for it. Once caught  in time you either stop it or trick it by being positive. Think as if everything were possible.

Ex. You shouldn’t improve.

I won’t improve, but I’ll read this book. It might change my life for the better.

Ex. You shouldn’t go at this web/seminar.

I will go to this one only. Just to see what is the idea of it.

It’s kind of art of dealing with your Lizard Brain. For good, though. That’s what I believe in and trying to pass on to everyone who wants to be GPOB. If everything were possible, what would you do to avoid any further complications…


GPOB Cancer Cells
Cancer Cells

0. Motivation disease – GPOB Cancer (High Temperature)

This is the most dangerous motivation disease of them all! Check out my Free eBook “GPOB Success Thermometer” to understand more about GPOB Cancer. The most important thing to know about it is that there’s a good (benign) Cancer and a bad (malignant) Cancer. The Good one is when you want money and stuff that will help you grow and fund your dream, your thing, your journey. The bad one is… pure Greediness and it’s related with showing off and not being a HUMAN.



Conclusion to “I have no motivation”

All viruses are real threads for our bodies, minds and desire for success. No matter how powerful one virus or  how complicated one disease is, always there is a way out of it. Be more careful and think a bit more about what is going on in your journey and you will be fine. Here’s the time to say that even if a disease is “too much” for us, it’s up to our minds to find the right way and deal with it. Here you go I have no motivation is not an issue for you anymore or at least you know what causes it.


Over to you… Do you like this post? Do you think that your motivation and desire for success is infected anyhow? And if so… how do you think to get rid of that infection?

See you next time.

Take Care of your Journey!


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