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Have you ever thought that you might have hurt a lot of people by continuously labelling them over time? It’s time to Rip off the label!  This post is going to be all about a video I’ve recently found on YouTube. It’s called “I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White”. You will find the video at the bottom of this post, but please read the post. It’s quite an important one.

The guy who created it is called Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince EA. He is an American rapper, spoken word artist, music video director and rights activist.

Truth to be told, I saw this video to be published by Tony Robbins on Twitter. It made a huge impression on me and I felt that everyone of you Docs or potential Docs (who wants to become a GP of their BLANK, to become a master of their fate) should see it and know about “the labelling stuff”.

We put labels on people but never think about their feelings, never think about what consequences those labels might lead to. Although the video is anti-racist oriented, it made me come up with a conclusion and realise that not only black/white labels are what we assign to people. We, humans, like attaching labels just like that. Sometimes for fun (you know).

When you continuously keep labelling some one, this label goes straight to his/her belief system. It enters into the system as an Adopted Belief. They adopts the fact that they are “X” or “Y” and they start believing it… and this might continue for life. And we all know what happens when you believe in something.

Sometimes a negative label might spoil someone’s future.

Next time, think about it before you label someone. You might hurt them and definitely this is not what your heart wants. Not the right way of contributing to society.


Let me tell a short story.


George was a good teenage boy, interested in science but ever since he went to School, his new friends started to label him as “crazy worthless nerd that su*ks and he’s not cool”. Imagine what the consequences of calling him with such words could be?

People say “Tell A Lie A Hundred Times It Becomes The Truth”. Therefore, we shouldn’t tell that lie in the first place.

George now has 2 choices:

  • To get depressed and stop believing in himself, stop believing in science, stop doing stuff… or


That’s how you could spoil someone’s future and destroy them, by labelling them. Again I say, it’s not only black/white labels that we attach to people.

Of course, labelling could lead to something positive. If they’d labeled him as “Genius”, it would have been such a big driving force for him to continue doing his stuff and diving even deeper into science.

Here’s the right place for the rule 80/20 to apply. We like to put negative labels a lot – 80% and only 20% – positive ones. What would it be if it were the opposite? The World would be more productive, more healthy in general, don’t you think? (use comments area, please)


There’s always the Steve Jobs example (of a nerd in the positive way), where he never cared for how other people called him. He was just fine with being himself all the time.

Label of Steve Jobs - Nerd
Steve Jobs – Nerd in the positive way

Now, all I could say is Stop labelling people! They are not stuff and don’t deserve it. Don’t judge the book by its cover! I know many people who do exactly this, they label people, but this just feels wrong to me. You tell somebody else that he is something else… Let’s live as one!



As I was listening to the Ziglar show earlier today, something made a huge impression on me. He said that even a positive label could lead to negative consequences. You are wondering how’s that possible? Well, I was stunned at first too. The man who leads the show explained that with a very interesting real-life story.

Everybody had been calling him “Superman” (which you might be considering as a prestigious label). The consequences of it, though, happened to be negative. Every time when somebody labeled him as Superman, his confidence got higher and higher. It went to the point where once on an airplane he refused to use security belt, saying that Superman does Not need any security belts. And then the funny part kicked in. The waitress replied back “What is Superman actually doing on an airplane?” His confidence was so high that he had forgotten who he really was.

The point is that even a positive label could be responsible for negative consequences. Therefore, if we are about to label someone, we’d better label him objectively. Otherwise we could hurt them or make them too proud of themselves. As always, balance is what we should be aiming at (at least in my opinion).


Let me know what you think in the comments section. Do you label people or Do you look at their eyes and judge them after a certain deed that they’ve done for/to you?


Here’s the video. Rip off the label.

See you next time and…

Take Care of your Journey!

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