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The Power of Small Wins

The power of Small Wins


They say “you don’t need to win each and every battle in order to win the war” or sometimes “At the end the most important thing is who wins the war” or “we might have lost this battle but we will win the war”. It all comes down to the power of small wins. Let’s examine that a bit further.

This post is all about the small wins we often (or not so often) manage to achieve throughout our journeys. Yes, the same ones that we 80% of the time simply overlook.

In terms of battles in our journey, looked through the eyes of a GP Of Blank, I could say that we fight every day . We are on the battlefield every single day (and very often nights, too). What you and I are fighting against, you might ask? Of course, we are fighting against the GPOB diseases. You probably remember when I said in the UV Course that the GPOB diseases are obstacles in our way to #Success. Although The GPOB Diseases are all curable, you and I shouldn’t allow them to catch us. Read more about GPOB Diseases here.

So if we are fighting against the GPOB diseases every day, you will agree that you and I sometimes win, sometimes we just… don’t. Let’s face it. We lose. We get contaminated.

What’s important here is how we lose and how we win. To be more specific and make myself a bit clearer, I’d say – how do we accept win and how do we cope with the loss? How do we react to them?

The answer to this question is individual to everyone. Everybody is different and is on a different journey in their life. Today I would like to have you thinking about this a little bit more.

There are many variables that can lead us to conceive victory as a loss and the other way round.
Everything is in our heads. We tell ourselves stories and these stories are not always objective, real.

Depending on our #SuccessTemperature, you and I make up stories for ourselves. For example, if your success temperature is high, you will tell yourself a story which most likely will be oriented to money, greediness and so on. If your success temperature at that time is low, you will start blaming yourself and feel sad.

Therefore, if you and I want to understand whether we “get it right”, we should focus our attention on noticing those little things that we usually do not pay attention to.

Let’s take a look at this case study

keys photo

I bet that at least once in your life you have struggled with finding your keys (it happens often, you and I both know that).

Imagine a situation where you’ve been struggling with finding your keys for more than 5 mins and now you begin to feel a bit worried because you are getting late for work.

Suddenly, in 5 mins, you find the keys but you know that you’re already late for work.

How do you interpret that? Do you think that this is a win or do you consider that as a loss? I’d like to read your answer in the comments. Hint: This case has a lot to do with whether you are an optimist or a pessimist.


At the end of the day, I believe, we should acknowledge all our wins and losses and pay them the attention they deserve. Just like we’d do in a game of Chess. You know when a sacrifice is worth it only if you know what the big picture is. Only then can you say whether you have won or not and whether all the sacrifices you’ve made were worth making.

Anyway, I do not want to focus this post only on the wins. I also want to address the loss, too. Aren’t loses responsible for our growth? Of course, they are. No matter that they are in your way and sometimes you cannot avoid them, remember, you and I learn from our mistakes and from our losses too.

If you, dear reader, are about to remember only one thing out of this post, let it be “the power of small wins is based on your #SuccessThemperature and on knowing what the bigger picture is.”


I am very curious to understand what your opinion about wins, losses, battles and wars in general is. The comments section is all yours.

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